Tera Bucasas, Yoga Instructor Yoga for Healing is a holistic practice that addresses the mind, body and the soul. We allow our bodies...

Madelyn Victoria, singer Texas. Ooh Texas. That’s what I remember! When I hear … Texas! To your attention… Madelyn...

Does the “H Miracle” really works to get rid of hemorrhoids? That seems to be the million dollars question that are wondering the...

All the emergency medical information you need. Do you or a loved one have any type of serious allergy our medical condition that could...

Members of FREE-MART will have access to products that only have great value, but which are free from GMO, herbicides, pesticides...

Eye’z Once upon a time a baby girl was born. No one loved her nor even bothered to hug her. they never checked on her to see...

Win-Win Interactionsfor your Business and your Life “The Key to Success in Business and in Life is Being Present. When you Focus...

With The “Mother”. Made from 100% Organic Apples. Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is made from delicious, healthy,...

Marriage is not just about having a husband or wife Most couples spend most of their time planning for the best ever wedding not for...



4 most filling foods for weight loss. See who they are! Right now!

Diet wit beer

Diet with beer. Diet with Pizza. Dream diet for every man and every woman!

top fitness trainer London UK

Cabbage, diet and calories. Super dietary vegetable. Cabbage time!

fitness model

Super Models: Should They Set the Standard for Beauty?


Stylegy By Nidhi

One of the biggest challenge is a client’s hesitation to let go off their old style!

offers vouchers, discounts, and promotions

“Deal Voucherz” – Free Discount Codes & Vouchers! Party time!!!

Sound Asleep Dream

The air mattress I used this summer – SoundAsleep Dream Series, these are my impressions


4 most filling foods for weight loss. See who they are! Right now!

FIFA Diploma

Yep! The FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine! It’s time to drink white wine!

vegan nutrition

“The guide for vegan nutrition”! Common Vegan nutrition questions and concerns!