Happy Birthday “World Class Health Academy 2015”, 
Location: Fitness Center “World Class Health Academy”

Campaign “No to muscle atrophy”, 
Location: Hospital “Dr. Atanas Dafovski”, 10.07.2015

Campaign “No to muscle atrophy,” 
Location: Central Square “Trakia”, Ivaylovgrad, 23.05.2015

Project “Collagen Pro Active”, 
Location: Fitness center, Greece, 11.02.2015

 Fitness reality “Get Fit with us”
Location: Bulgarian National Television, Sofia, 2014

Competition “Woman of Bulgaria 2014”
Location: Club “Review”, Sofia, 13.03.2014

10 Years “Victoria Spa”
Location: Victoria Spa, Princess Hotel, Sofia, January 23, 2014

 Jury of “Super Body of Bulgaria 2013”
Location: Mega Dance Center, Sofia city, November 28, 2013

 War fat without call-up™(VIP)
Location: Sunny Beach, 08-18.11.2013

 Helloween 2013, Pure Cockroach Protein
Location: Club “Library”, November 1, 2013

 Photographer “Dior” – Attacking the gym for a new project
Photographer: Vladislav Filippov – Vlatsata, 07/03/2013

 Mission: [Dansing Stars] with Deo, Photographer: Stanislav Yanev, June 1, 2013

 3,1/2 Hours, Photo by Didi Dimitrov, 24.02.2013

 Fashion TV Party, Photo by Joro Plachkov, 26.12.2012

 Mission War on Fat Free Call, Photo by Stanislav Janev, 02.12.2012

 Photography Mariana Gugalova / Atelier Guge, Model: Martin Gergov

 Photos – different!

 Birthday – Magazine “Mr Big”, Sofia city, 2012

 French fashion line “CACHAREL” and “Just Cavalli”, 2011, Sofia city

 Italian charity ball in order for blind children from school “Louis Braille”

 Party Magazine “Mr BIG” – started my fitness page, 2011, Sofia city

 Military shoot – military shop “Camouflage.Bg”

Photos from my visit to the stand of “GRENADE” the European bodybuilding, 2011

 Northeast Miss Bulgaria 2011 (range of national chain “Miss Bulgaria)

 Shoot in current show “Shared with Kamelia” on TV7

 Mineral water “Bankya” (Coca-Cola Bulgaria), newspaper “Trud” and I with a common cause in the name of the fight against obesity in Bulgaria

 Reopened “At War with a call-fat free”, but this time in a completely urban environment, choosing the parade ground, ie square in front of National Palace of Culture! One, two, walk march!

 With Jordan Jovtchev (Olympic champion) detection of playground with fitness equipment for open spaces in the largest and most luxurious park “Rila” Dupnitsa

 Martin Gergov in the role of instructor VIP grandfather Rachkiyan confession in his show in Pop TV

 Martin Gergov in the role of “Fitness Mom” doing interviews on the topic of fitness – Women’s Day

 Photos from my first film “War On Fat without call-up”

 Photos for the magazine “Muscle and Fitness”


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