AirySense is the newest, revolutionary technology – just meet your dream!
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AirySense is the newest, revolutionary technology – just meet your dream!

AirySense is the touchless, camera driven interface for two hands typing, and mousing – AirySense technology. For desktop and mobile devices.

AirySense Technology

As for augmented reality, it’s twice interesting. AirySense technology, plus AR glasses, means the possible “killer” of smartphones.
Since it’s the same way easy and much more secure, and, nobody can see neither your display, nor the letters you type.

As for the health, the usage of AirySense eliminates the carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle/joint tensions, and more.


AirySense is the newest, revolutionary technology – just meet your dream of the new age of communications! Become one of the first users of advanced virtual AirySense keyboard and mouse, called AiryTyper and AiryClicker

We plan Kickstarter in January 2018 / AirySense Теам

And, AirySence adds the significant value to the security. As for desktop computers and laptops, since the physical keyboard and mouse will not be needed anymore, you’ll be able to use the freed space the any way you want. Work with paper documents, write down some thoughts, put your lunch in front of you and eat it comfortably. Forget of spilling your coffee on the keyboard, forget of regular cleaning of mouse bottom!

As for touchscreens, the owners of tablets and smartphones know, how greasy the screen can be, with lots of fingermarks on it. With AirySense you’ll not waste the screen with your fingermarks anymore, the screen can be as clear as the screen of your usual non-touchscreen monitor. And, the very interesting use case takes place for glasses, for example, Google glasses.


The application algorithm can work with “inverted” images of hands and fingers (for example, from glasses’ camera, and by using of other similar devices, looking at hands and fingers from inside). Typing and mousing in glasses will be extremely secured, since others will not even see the screen of your glasses.

We’ve contacted Google (Alphabet) X lab with the idea of making the new version of glasses with our AirySense technology inside. We believe the new glasses will become equal to smartphones, and even be able to replace them in the future. / Shared by the company.

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