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Ask The Doctor!

Launched in 2010, Ask The Doctor is a virtual health platform accessible to any patient with an internet connection. In 2011, Ask The Doctor became an official partner of the National Institute of Health (NIH), publishers of PubMed.

The question and answer data collected provides insight into how patients communicate their health concerns and has helped identify unmet medical needs internationally. In 2016, Ask The Doctor reached the 5 million question milestone and continues to be the most trusted resource for personalized medical information and advice, servicing patients from nearly every country around the world.

“We are trusted by thousands of users daily and have helped save many lives.”

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In just 3 simple steps, you will be connected to one of our top doctors to receive immediate help. Select from either a General Doctor or Specialist.

Step 1: Ask Your Health Question.

To obtain the best answer, include as much detail as possible. You may upload medical reports and images to help our doctors answer your question as best as possible.

Step 2: Select Your Doctor.

Choose whether you would like your question to be answered by a general physician or a specialist.

Step 3: Get Your Answer.

Simply input your credit card details or use PayPal and receive your answer immediately by email. Ask The Doctor offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

(800) 310-3470 24/7 On-call services.

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