Calm Your Mind Instantly With These Simple And Effective Methods

Dealing with anxiety can ruin an otherwise perfect day in an instant. Anxiety is like that person that no one invited to the party, yet they show up anyways and ruin everyone else’s fun.

I simply can’t count the amount of times the stage was set for me to have a fantastic day, only for anxiety to show up and ruin it. Anxiety doesn’t care if the sun is shining or if you have important plans. Like any bully, it shows up when it wants, takes what it wants, and leaves when it wants.

If you don’t learn how to defend yourself against anxiety, you may be fighting this battle for a long time.

I’ve personally dealt with unprovoked anxiety for over a decade. In this period of time, I have managed to learn some extremely effective methods to calm myself down almost immediately.

These methods are not long term solutions. They are simply techniques you can use to calm your mind on days where your anxiety feels overwhelming.

Mindset Shifts To Calm Your Mind

I know you probably want to get into the bread and butter techniques right away but first I need to discuss a few simple shifts of thinking that can change everything.

Overcoming anxiety and depression.

In fact, I use these mindset shifts almost daily while dealing with General Anxiety Disorder. They are available to you 100% of the time.

Whether you are at work, out with friends, or in the comfort of your own home, these tips can save your day and calm your mind instantly.

Forfeit Control

It has been my personal experience that a lot of my anxiety stems from my mind’s need to control everything.

There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done, and at the same time my mind wants everything done now. I am highly impatient and perhaps even a little bit entitled. With this state of mind I get myself into trouble.

If I am not careful, I forget to enjoy the journey, and solely focus on the destination. This leaves me with no enjoyment of the present moment, and a constant concern for the future. To fix this, I force myself to stop and think if my worries are real and urgent, or simply present due to my inability to control a given situation.

For example: I want this blog to be successful with all my heart. Even though I have only been working on it for roughly four months I feel the need to see success now.

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