“Dermaka” – The All Natural Way To  Soothe and Heal Your Skin!

“Dermaka” – The All Natural Way To Soothe and Heal Your Skin!

Dermaka Cream

Anti-inflammatory, anti microbial and anti oxidant properties.

Dermaka cream is made of natural plant extracts with added vitamins essential for skin health.

Dermaka was developed by a surgeon to minimize bruising and inflammatory responses of the skin in the post-operative period.

Natural plant extracts were chosen that specifically decrease bruising, redness, and irritation after procedures that disrupt the skins natural barrier. Other extracts, natural oils and vitamins were added to aid in skin rejuvenation.

Before & After mastocytosis

Before & After

Clinical tests

Clinical tests of this unique combination of natural extracts, essential oils and vitamins have demonstrated excellent results and exceptional satisfaction.
Due to the composition of inert and natural ingredients, side effects should be extremely rare and to date have not been reported. If irritation to skin occurs during use, dermaka should be discontinued.

Before & After dermaka

Before & After

Dermaka should be applied three times daily or as instructed by a health care professional. Apply by lightly massaging into skin for fifteen seconds.


Use with caution on your face if you have oily skin. Dermaka is odorless, colorless, and leaves no residue.

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