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Money, money, money !!! And when it comes to money, alas, but! I honestly admit I do not know many people who will share with a hand on their heart that the money they make, but with honest work, are enough for everything. And because of that everything usually means – payment of food bills, electricity bills, water bills and I will stop here! And how nice it would be to spend money on holidays in different countries – at least once every 3 months. It sounds perfectly normal!
But to make the dream come true is difficult for most people!

Typically, most people do not have their own business and they work on a salary for a small or large company with many promises and unsatisfactory wages. These people usually do not work what they like and they are not really happy with the monthly salary they get! But these people are forced to do it, both for themselves and for their family!

Myth or Reality Is Making Money Online?

In the following lines I will briefly share my experience on the topic! Myth or reality! The truth is, myths in this case are for people who have not made their first step! People who are afraid of the unknown! People who follow the masses as a flock of sheeps! And when you do not make your first step, it can not follow second, third, fourth … It is in this part where I will help you by sharing my experience in making money online.

Base rise

For years, I’ve worked for both small and large companies. I worked as a guard. I worked as a fitness instructor. I worked every summer in the field in the hottest heat! Not that it’s bad! Still, we must stand by. But at one point I was tired of people who don’t appreciate your work, considering you as a machine, not treating you as a person, and not raising your salary for a well done work! Hmm! Your employer is trying to “look for a calf under the oxen “!

I have a sporty nature! More precisely, I’m a four-time champion in powerlifting, and the fourth in the world in the “dead thrust” exercise. And I will share that I love the challenges! So, eight years ago, I left the safe but frustrating job and I started working for myself! We should not forget that permanent job, which is rather unpleasant (i.e. you do not like doing this and you do not get good money or you like to work this but you do not get good money) leads to physical and mental exhaustion. It leads to constant stress and constant daily stress and frustration – leads to severe diseases such as diabetes, even cancer!

So one day I left my “safe job”! I.e. I started to work for myself. The first month was a bit tricky, but later I started making bigger income than before, and I was a boss to myself!

Years went by, and I lived and worked in the big city, but in the wake of circumstances and in search of love one day I returned to the province! More precisely, I just went to Greece. Then my only job opportunity was this – making money online! I started it as a joke with various affiliate programs for which I had read more negative things than positive ones. Naturally, I decided to experiment because I did not care so much about other people’s opinion. I am a realist! And I can say that making money online is not a myth! Yet, this article is for beginners (for the first step) and not everyone has the courage to risk like me!

So I suggest the following!

Do not leave your “safe job”, but start earning money on Internet instead of hanging out all day on Facebook and watching how much likes you have on your photo, who, what commented! Ok! Do it, but combine it with “making money on Internet”. And the money you get on Internet, use them as you wish – for excursions, gifts for yourself, gifts for your beloved…

Where to start?! There are many variants. But!
See this startup link:

P.S. By the way, I want to share that in the same way 11 years ago I wanted to have my own website. But I did not have a computer, nor did I know how to get into the Internet. I asked a friend how to make a website, but he explained to me that this is a complex job and there are special higher schools to teach you that. This did not despair me and I bought my first computer on leasing. Once I had learned that the text could be copied with the copy and print buttons … I started to read lessons online for making websites.

Fitness seo

For two years I made about 20 sites that were located on Russian servers. I went through some of the toughest paths! And after two years I made my first site with a paid domain and hosting. Naturally, in my next years, my blog has undergone a lot of changes, including new themes, optimization, and marketing courses and more, and more. And with every other day I was getting more money on Internet, which further helped me to financially sustain myself. Foreign companies started to look for me. I made another 10 websites and this is just a small part of the story! Learn that if you want a change, it cannot be done without taking your first step! And, if you have no strength for it! Start with workouts in the gym, eat properly every three hours, sleep, communicate with people who are positive for life, drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and one day you will have the strength and confidence to take your step for a radical change!

Thank you for the attention! I am Martin Gergov. I hope I have been useful!

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