Dr Chiedza Kambasha becomes Zimbabwe’s Young Global Changer at the G20

Dr Chiedza Kambasha becomes Zimbabwe’s Young Global Changer at the G20

Dr Chiedza Kambasha

Dr Chiedza Kambasha

Dr Chiedza Kambasha, a 34-year-old Zimbabwe-born entreprenuer recently flew the Zimbabwe flag high in Germany. Kambasha was one of the young activists and go-getters to attend the 2017 Young Global Changers (YGC) Summit.

To mark Germany’s G20 Presidency in 2017, the Think 20 Summit took place in Berlin on May 29-30, in association with the Global Economic Symposium having GLOBAL SOLUTIONS as its motto.

The agenda and purpose was to table and create dialogue with young global changers who were the first ambassadors of their respective countries while delivering relevant, applicable policy recommendations for G20 leaders following the successful pattern of the GES. In an adapted format and in cooperation with both existing and new partners, it pursued a time-tested approach to formulate research-based, action-oriented policies and business strategies designed to tackle global problems.

The young global changers from over 50 countries who were carefully selected and appointed focused on G20 topics, such as investment, the G20 & Africa, the digital economy, climate policy and finance,migration and refugees while conveyingrecommendations and visions by the newly established task forces to international policy-makers.The summit was chaired by Dennis J. Snower, President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and GES founder, and Dirk Messner, Director of the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik, DIE, who co-chair the T20 think tank engagement group for the German G20 presidency.

G20 Germany 2017

G20 Germany 2017

Dr Chiedza Kambasha a multiple award winning entreprenuer, international strategist and consulant worked on the forced migration taskforce , while also working to formulate solutions to stregthen collective engagement with the rising african youth population, she spoke on the importance of PWC sponsoring global events that provide dialogue with key stakeholders from the respective nations of interest while stating her confidence in the G20 German Presidency’s ability to drive the vision of the group foward .


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