Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Weight Loss
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Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Weight Loss

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Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Weight Loss

In this fast life, we often struggle with weight issues. Due to the lack of time, we try to skip diets or choose unhealthy options of food. In addition to it, the time bound lifestyle does not allow us to spare time for exercises. However, it is always advisable to do basic exercises for weight loss like Jogging, cardiovascular exercises, push ups, etc. for better results.

Taking essential vitamins and supplements is considered to be one of the smart options for weight loss. This will not only give better results but also reduce weight in a healthy way. However, relying only on vitamins and supplements shall never lead to good results. You can find the best deals on CouponsMonk while shopping for health and fitness accessories.

Here are some of the Vitamins and supplements for effective weight loss;

B Vitamins:

The B Vitamins has major role in keeping the metabolism working and activated. It plays a pivotal role in metabolizing the carbohydrates, fats and proteins viz. Thiamin (B1), Folic Acid (B9), cobalamin (B12) and such other B Vitamins are essential for a healthy metabolic system. Furthermore, Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that helps in creating red blood cells.

The foods like beans, milk, whole grains, and banana are one of the rich sources of vitamin B. For a vegan diet, it’s difficult to have Vitamin B12 as the plant products do not contain it. However, supplements like Vitamin B complex that contain all eight vitamins are a good choice for a healthy metabolic system.

Vitamin D:

The effects of Vitamin D on weight loss are more passive than any other vitamins and supplements. There are conflicts of opinion that whether vitamin D helps in reducing the weight or not. However, various studies report that people who took vitamin D via supplement or any other way lose more weight than the one who didn’t take it.

The basic function of Vitamin D is to absorb calcium and keep our bones strong. It also helps glucose get into body cells that burn the glucose into energy. When the level of Vitamin D is low, the level of parathyroid hormone increases that leads to numerous reactions that eventually converts sugar into fat. This ultimately results in an increase in fat.

The best source of vitamin D is Sun. Moreover, foods like cod liver oil, salmon, fortified milk and yogurt are some of the healthy options of Vitamin D. However, it’s difficult to get sufficient quantity of it from food and thus supplements of Vitamin D are often recommended by doctors.

Omega 3 fatty acid:

Omega 3s protects our heart and blood vessels from damage and disease. Various reports suggest that Omega 3 is a great support for weight loss. Its function is to activate enzymes that trigger fat burning in cells. Besides, it helps in boosting up mood which prevents emotional eating.

The fatty fishes like salmon,herring, tuna, and mackerel are some of the rich sources of fish oils. Some other foods such as nuts and seeds also contain fat that post ingestion get converted into omega 3s.


Iron helps our body create energy from nutrients. It also helps in supply of oxygen to all the cells of the body including muscles that lead to help them burn fat.

The foods like spinach, beans, lean meats, and shellfish contain rich amount of iron. However, the plant base sources contain less iron than that of meat base foods.

Green Tea:

Though green tea is not a vitamin or mineral it surely helps the body to reduce weight. To alter tea or coffee with green tea is an advisable option as that would also help reduce the sugar intake. Green tea functions in increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

Moreover, it also reduces fat production. Nevertheless, Green tea does not result in potential weight loss but the consumption definitely helps in getting better results along with other supplements and vitamins.

There are some more supplements like magnesium, calcium, fiber along with others that can help in reducing weight loss. They might not give potential results but can definitely help weight loss.

Nevertheless, one has to consume the supplements and vitamins in a rational manner following own instincts. Moreover, exercise is never optional for a healthy weight loss regime.

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