Fat Gripz – The Thick Bar Training Secret to rid the world of weak and skinny arms!

Fat Gripz – The Thick Bar Training Secret to rid the world of weak and skinny arms!

Phillip Heath

To rid the world of weak and skinny arms! Phillip Heath

The new worldwide training phenomenon which helps add muscle & strength to your arms in record time – used all over the world!

What Are Fat Gripz?

Fat Gripz is the new worldwide training phenomenon which helps add muscle and strength to your body in record time.

How Good Are They?

They are quite amazing which is why Fat Gripz are now used by members of the Special Forces, Marines, champion bodybuilders (including Mr Olympias, Jay Cutler and Phil Heath) top pro football teams teams, top MMA fighters and and many other athletes.

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Fat Gripz have also been featured in Men’s Fitness magazine, Ironman magazine, Flex magazine, Maximum Fitness magazine, Musclar Development magazine and the New York Times #1 Best Seller, The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.

How Exactly Do They Work?

Fat Gripz instantly convert barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars and exercise machines into thick bars.

What Are Thick Bars?

Thick bars are simply barbells, dumbbells and pull-up bars with a thicker diameter handle. A standard barbell, dumbbell, or chin-up bar typically has a handle with a diameter of about 1 inch.

Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz

A thick bar will often have a diameter of more like 2.5 inches (some look more like truck axles) and if you’ve ever used you will know that it feels completely different

What’s So Special About Thick Bars?

Using a thick bar means MORE MUSCLE AND STRENGTH on your body. Thick bar training produces much bigger strength and muscle gains compared to standard training equipment…. and many people find them much easier on their joints too.

Should I Use Fat Gripz Or Thick Bars?

Thick bars are great but they are very expensive and, therefore, quite rare. Also, you can’t take them to different gyms easily and thick chin-up bars and thick-handled exercise machines are almost non-existent.

What Will YOU Get From Using Fat Gripz?

More muscle. More strength. Fast. It’s as simple as that. Most people who train with Fat Gripz find that their arms size and strength (in particular) increases dramatically and, as a result, their whole upper body grows. You will literally feel them working the very first time you use them.

Fat Gripz are super high quality, fully portable and will give you the benefits of a gym full of thick bars (no matter where you train) at a fraction of the cost.

Switching to Fat Gripz might be the single biggest difference you can make to your muscle size and strength today.

Can I Just Make A Home-made Version?

Sure, but the design and manufacture of Fat Gripz are the result of years of extensive testing and refinement by some of the best strength coaches in the world.

Fat Gripz fit

The design, manufacture and materials used to make Fat Gripz have been perfected for maximum effectiveness, usability, durability and safety. When you open the box you might be quite surprised by the quality, weight and strength of Fat Gripz. When you receive your pair, you’ll see what we mean!

What If I Don’t Like Them?

We think you’ll love them but because we believe in Fat Gripz so much we’ll take all the risk. If you don’t literally feel the difference the very first time you use them, you can return them anytime within 60 days no-questions-asked….. and we will even pay the return shipping. See more: http://www.fatgripz.com/