Five important truths about water
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Five important truths about water

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1. Dehydration leads to stiff muscles and problem skin

Water constitutes about 70-75% of our body. If drinking less than 3 liters of water a day, this leads to the appearance of wrinkles, red spots and rough skin. If you do sports and active dehydration can cause cramps, slow blood circulation and heart problems and other internal organs.

2. Drink plenty of water – weight loss

It’s the truth!
Water – no calories – but burns calories;
Lose and toxins; But and minerals. So do not miss taking a tablet of vitamins and minerals every day.

3. Water is the woman

Do not drink from any woman … Whoops … from any water … I wanted to say. Do not overdo it with mineral water. Nor with tap water, especially if drains old. Preferably, the water with a low mineral content, and especially with less sodium content – so as not to hold liquids.

4. Water or beer

Beer, of course! Ha ha … Just kidding. Of course you can drink beer and liter … but not ex … to not expand your abdominal wall. However, beer is water, but there is a certain amount of calories. And remember that no beer is guilty of so-called. “Beer belly.”

5. Cold shower

YES! Did you know that swimming in cold water is associated with greater consumption of calories. But do not overdo. Start gradually!

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