4 most filling foods for weight loss. See who they are! Right now!
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4 most filling foods for weight loss. See who they are! Right now!

foods for weight loss

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We have compiled a list of the four most filling foods that help you lose weight. The key when it comes to weight loss is to eat healthy, low-energy, big portion foods. Some foods that are small in volume, therefore less filling, can yield high calories. Other foods, big in volume, yield a small amount of calories and can help you fill up. A combination of protein and fiber is always good as well.

The top 4 foods for weight loss

1. Baked potatoes.

With the introduction of fast-food and deep fryers, potatoes acquired a reputation of being unhealthy. Potatoes in fact carry a lot of fiber, good carbs, a lot of energy and vitamins.

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Eat them boiled or baked and enjoy the feeling of fullness for a few hours after.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal carries a lot of fiber and its composure allows it to soak up water like a sponge, giving you that feeling of being full for a few hours.


When soaked in water, oats take longer to pass through your digestive system, meaning you will go longer between meals. See more…

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