Interview with Gunnar Andreassen – online entrepreneur from Norway!
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Interview with Gunnar Andreassen – online entrepreneur from Norway!

Gunnar Andreassen

Gunnar Andreassen

I am interviewing Gunnar Andreassen, an online entrepreneur from Norway.
He owns several websites like and
So let us ask him what ts is like working online and other interesting stuff he might tell us.

Gunnar, what is it like working online?

It is very different from other jobs I have had when I was younger, I am constantly looking at a computer screen. And my actions and know-how affects people in some small way all over the world online.

For example, my free font website enables people to download free fonts online. In this way people can use better looking fonts and not pay anything for the fonts. It is very interesting work.

If you are looking at a screen all the time, do you have any time for exercise or training?

No, I do not have the time. You see, I also love my work.
I really enjoy making websites and marketing websites online. You can compare it to music artists, they love playing music and are lucky to be able to do it all the time. But you have to really love it.

If you are not getting any exercise, what about your diet? Waht are you eating?

I love italian food like pasta and pizza and I also like to make the food myself.
I also enjoy making food for others. I am a little overweight, but do not think I am eating too much, I just do not have the time for training.