Interview with Matthew Einsohn – Associate Director at Prescott College

Interview with Matthew Einsohn – Associate Director at Prescott College

Matthew Einsohn

Matthew Einsohn, Associate Director at Prescott College

There’s perhaps no harder sport than the very sport of life, but career advisor Matthew Einsohn knows how to play it. Matthew is a walking multi-utility knife: he was a chemistry lab assistant when it wasn’t even his major; he got into college affordably thanks to his musical scholarship; and by the time he became a career advisor, he had taught college level biology, algebra, statics, and had lectured in front of hundreds of people.

He’s a man who knows how to get things done, but more importantly, he knows how to network, and networking has always been the key to his success. He is the Associate Director at Prescott College, almost right next to his Arizona home, where he shares his methods on how to get the funding for college so that students can go to college for free.

Matthew has a diverse family, of two brothers who work in Hollywood, a father who works in the health industry, and a mother who runs her own company selling construction equipment. Quite a cast of characters, Matthew included, and what a cast of people that make up his network. There’s no denying he is a powerful talent in his field, and his advice has inspired and assisted students tremendously.



Q : Let’s talk a bit about you & your work and what is the secret behind your success ?

A : This is a great question. The secret to my success is my failure. I have learned to be successful by seeing what does not work and changing my approach. I wouldn’t take no for an answer. Every time I heard the word no or can’t help, I would take a day or two to see if there is another way to approach the situation. Once I reflected on the situation, I would call back and use a different approach if I felt like it would create a different outcome. I would keep on creating different strategies based on lessons that I learned from previous encounters, and keep using the ones that moved me towards success.

Q : Please tell us more about your processes ?

A : The heart of the process involves one knowing themselves. The more you know yourself and what you want the simpler it is when you are looking for opportunity and funding. As one moves through the curriculum they will want to follow a path that best suites them. When this happens, the person will walk and talk with more courage, tenacity, and strength on creating opportunity. This walk and talk by the student will be seen by the people giving out money for school.

Q : Our readers want to know, how they can save tens of thousands of dollars from their education expenses ?

A : You can save tens of thousands of dollars by being trained by the curriculum, which will cultivate strategies, outline steps to achieve goals, push boundaries, and create awareness for future funding, all, while erasing the possibility of student debt. I condensed the last decade of experience into eleven courses that help people find the right supplemental financial programs in order to fund anyone’s education or any vocational training past high school.

Arizona free college

A sense of humor is important!

As we move through the material, I will be sharing my own stories on how I found money and helped others as well. These interactive courses will help people conceptualize themselves in enabling more success as one retrieves scholarships/grants that have meaning in life. I will also help refine the story in order to make you a memorable candidate when applying for scholarships. Not only will one walk away with resources, but I will strengthen the capability to source funding on one’s own, so that anyone can go through their undergraduate and graduate school without taking out loans.

Q : What motivates you to do your best work as a career advisor?

A : The biggest motivation is when I see, hear, or read growth from a student that I am working with. When that light bulb goes off and they feel that they can accomplish anything is an awe inspiring moment for me to watch.

Q : What are you working on now ?

A : I am working on getting my curriculum into high schools and Universities. I really want to be able to get in front as many high school students as possible. I am also working on a work book that people can have as they move through the videos. The last thing I am working on are putting in call to proposals for conferences that will be happening in the fall.

Q : Who are your inspirations ?

A : I know this is a cliché, but my mom and dad are where I draw my inspiration. From my dad I received my creativity and out of the box thinking. He has helped me to look at things unlike others.



My mother inspired me to be reliable, hardworking, and to have a never give up attitude. I learned from both of them, and have added a lot of their teachings into the curriculum.

Q : Can you please give our readers your 20% off Promo Code ?

A : The promo code is JKC20 for those that would like to go through all the courses.

Q : What’s the biggest achievement in your career so far?

A : I would say my biggest achievement to date was creating Free Education University, which came from the last 5+ years of helping people go through their education without taking out loans. Additionally, I hope in less than 2 years from now my biggest achievement is being in front of tens of thousands of high school students inspiring them to go through school debt free.

Q : Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time ?

A : In my free time I do some reading and relaxation outside. When I am not doing that I am watching a good movie. I love all kinds of movies and shows. Recently, I got into “Stranger Things” and “Resident Evil”.

Q : Are you active on social media? What’s the best way to follow you ?

A : I am active with LinkedIN. There are many articles I have published on funding that live on my profile. This is the best social media outlet to connect with me on.


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