Interview with Tyler Simmonds – Mental Health Advocate

tyler simmonds

Tyler Simmonds

Tyler Simmonds is a filmmaker, performance artist, writer, and entrepreneur.
At an early age Tyler began discovering his creative talents.
He became very infatuated with the art of filmmaking, and creative writing.
Like many other creatives Tyler uses his creative expression to help him cope with his obstacles. He decides to use his many talents to inspire others, to help bring awareness to struggles of the world and to let individuals know they are not alone.

Living a very minimalistic and zen lifestyle, Tyler invites you to become your greatest self.

Interview with Tyler Simmonds

Many would call you a renaissance man. How do you work on so many different things? Does it ever get exhausting?

I look at all of my work as one. Yes I do many different things, but they are all for the same purpose. That purpose is to evoke emotion and thought. I guess, I can work on so many different things because I don’t look at them as “different things”. If I am working on a film project, chances are I have a performance art piece and clothing collection to go along with it. If I am writing a book, chances are I have a film to go along with it.

Of course I get exhausted, that’s apart of the territory.
But don’t we all get exhausted? what do you do when you are exhausted? you rest – then get back to it.

How do you feel now that you are becoming more well-known? Is this something you are comfortable with?

I have anxiety. So no, I’m not comfortable with it. But this too comes with the territory. I am happy that my work can now reach people who can benefit from it, but at the same time I feel alone.

Why do you feel alone?

I feel that people know the artist, or their idea of who Tyler is. They don’t actually know who I am. Well, I guess some do… But it’s hard to figure out which ones really know me. You know?

I understand. Are you happy?

Yes, I’m happy. I’m alone, but not lonely.
What would you say to anyone dealing with depression or anxiety disorders?
I know these are things you have been very open about recently.

I’d say, understand that it’s okay to be sad. It’s also okay to be anxious.
But we all must grow and evolve. Meditation and mindfulness helps with that. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Believe it or not, some people actually care.

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