Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who has the dopest juice of all?



What is LIQUID CHRONICE LIQUID? See the manufacturer’s answer!

We developed this company from the ground up to support our new manufacturing initiative to bring you the highest quality product possible.

At Liquid Chronic E-Liquid, we make DOPE E-Liquid. “WE ARE SIMPLY THE BEST” Great care and artistry is a part of our flavor creation process. Our team of flavor experts have spent time testing each flavor and hand selected each high quality ingredient. We allow for extensive steep (saturation over time) variances, before taking a new creation forward for final review and acceptance to our Liquid Chronic E- Liquid line, as well as many other rigorous tests.

Our mission is to deliver a product that is unrivaled in the marketplace, with unmatched quality and flavor, and to obtain and maintain the highest level of industry standards.

We have achieved and produced a family of flavors second to none that tastes as delicious on day thirty as it did on day one, while still delivering the full-bodied vape and throat hit you love. We will not rush numerous new flavors to market just to increase our catalog. Every offering is hand crafted to meet our (and your) exceedingly high standards.


Liquid Chronic E-Liquid places special emphasis on making exciting, bold, and flavorful Liquid Chronic E – Liquid creations, we put an equal amount of care and consideration into the components and facility used in delivering a product that is pure, clean and secure – expenses that will never be spared. Rest assured that when you purchase a Liquid Chronic E-Liquid product, you are getting the best. Simply put, E-Liquid is our passion.

Lastly, we would like to thank you, the consumer, for selecting Liquid Chronic E-Liquid as a product in your daily vaping. We will continue to challenge ourselves to develop new and exciting flavor combinations that add variety and excitement to your vaping experience.
Our customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you have about ordering, flavors, and everything else we offer . We love all things vapor and hearing from fellow vapers.

We couldn’t be happier you’re vaping with us. Be sure to drop by the online store to see all the latest e-liquids, and products!
For more info – click here: www.liquidchroniceliquid.com

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