Loose Leaf Tea Strainer Steeper Infuser (Set of two). Food Grade Stainless Steel!

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Quality Is Paramount

Every Fusion Zen Tea Infuser is hand checked prior to shipping to ensure that you receive a quality product!

Quality Materials

Made of Food Grade 304 stainless steel!

Easy To Use & Eco Friendly

Fill the basket with the tea of your choice leaving a little space to allow for expansion of the tea. Fasten the lid and steep in hot water. The only waste produced will be your used tea leaves which you can compost!

Excellent Design

The layout of the holes which cover the lid, sides, and bottom allows for maximum water exchange to ensure quick infusion of tea. These small holes keep the tea in the infuser and NOT in your cup!

Fast Cleaning

Simply unfasten the lid, empty out the basket, and wash by hand or in the dishwasher! We find that washing by hand is sufficient and the chain and hook allow you to hang the infuser for easy drying and decorative storage! (When not in use, we at Fusion Zen find them pretty enough to hang as décor☺).



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