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Meet the Founder of

Biography: Joe Kok, the founder of Goodcloudstorage is a freelance business owner who started the website because he had been obsess with cloud storage services and wanted to share out his findings with all the people that need good and reliable cloud storage services. Be it free or paid.

  1. In general, what are some of the benefits in using Cloud Storage in the first place?

I myself am a victim of the failure of hard drive before I started venture into the cloud storage niche. Years of photos since from my Uni time and works related document are all gone in a split of a second when I dropped my portable hard drive to the floor.

That was the most devastating moment of my life, knowing all my memories are gone without prior warning. A blue screen from your computer might still give you the warning and chances to really start backing up your data before it really breaks down. But event or incident like these are unavoidable. I still keep a portable hard drive with me, but I do know the importance of the cloud storage as a backup of unfortunate event as such.

So, a copy in the cloud storage acts as a second backup for my data.

  1. How did your own experience as a Cloud Storage customer motivate you to start the site?

My first experience was not a pleasant one as I had engaged to a bad service. If you need to know, it called Justcloud. I thought all of the cloud storage providers are more or less the same, but I was wrong.

I started studying and testing other providers. And by the time I realize, I had a bunch of experience and find-outs that I can eventually share out to people that are on their way in searching for a reliable cloud storage services. I have since become an addict and I love to try more of them and reviewed them for my site.

  1. What are some of the most interesting things you’ve learned since starting the site?

People love to share experience and knowledge be it a god or a bad one. Users comment and feedback to my reviews setup a good platform to buyer who is actively looking for a good service. First time buyer can actually benefits from the review and sharing from other users to find out what they need and skip the mistake that we made previously.

  1. Do you think Cloud Storage has changed over the years, as IOT is making the landscape?

It had changed drastically if you do monitor from the very start.

From the most basic of storing your files and data, they had move and be able to collaborate with your daily lives. That’s how much the cloud storage industry had evolved over the years, 10 years to be precise since Dropbox being introduced.

Dropbox is the pioneer in cloud storage industry and they are certainly setting the bench mark even though other cloud storage players are mushrooming over the years.

There are more than a few dozen of really great cloud storage providers in the market right now. Some are providing free cloud storage services for first time user for them to experience and hook up with their services later on. Nonetheless, it’s a great move for user to try out and not commit and losing money in the first place.

  1. What else would you like people to know about your website?

I truly believe that my real experience and sharing can help out and filter out most of the bad apples for you. Our communities are genuine and the feedbacks given are really helpful for all our readers. In the near future, I hope I can add in useful tools such as speed testing for user to test out how long it takes for them to really upload all their data to a cloud storage server through their available bandwidth.

But until then, always remember “Protection is better than Cure”!