The Miele S5281 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner
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The Miele S5281 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele

The Miele S5281

The Miele S5281 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner features the SEB 228 heavy-duty powerhead, which the manufacturer claims to be great at removing pet hair and cleaning high-pile to low-pile carpeting. It may be compact and lightweight in size, but the S5281 carries a powerful 1200-Watt Vortex Motor.

According to the manufacturer, this Miele canister vacuum cleaner is durable enough to last for up to 20 years, thanks to its Sealed System Construction—which also makes sure that the accumulated dust stays inside the vacuum and doesn’t seep out of the canister—great for people suffering from allergies or asthma.


  • Includes Miele SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush and the SEB228 ElectroPlus;
  • 6 variable power settings;
  • 1200-Watt Vortex Motor System;
  • Features an active HEPA filter and pre-motor filter;
  • Comes with a 4.76 quart G/N AirClean dust bag;
  • Sealed System Construction;
  • 33-foot operating radius;
Miele callisto


  • Versatile Accessories;
  • Durable Construction;
  • Excellent Suction;
  • Quiet Operation;


  • Electrical issues – Some consumers reported that within a short period after using the Callisto S5281, the machine started having electrical issues—the most common complaint being that it can suddenly shut off during use.
  • Dust bag too small – A few customers also complained that the dust bag that comes with this model is too small that they have to change it frequently.

On the whole, the MieleCallisto S5281 has significantly more fans than critics. Most users agree that Miele is a high quality brand and this model is no exception. It delivers when it comes to suction and the construction is sturdy and reliable. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that it is compact in size and looks sleek too.

Based on both positive and negative reviews, this vacuum cleaner can do a good job cleaning large rooms, but it seems to be most ideal for small spaces.