Interview with Mr. Joel! The Man Behind The Mask – Joel Oeiras!
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Interview with Mr. Joel! The Man Behind The Mask – Joel Oeiras!

Mr Joel

Mr Joel,

MR JOEL is a global digital media agency that primarily focuses on digital media content and digital services. They pride themselves on helping businesses create and manage their company with the services they offer.

They have clients worldwide and help companies and clients create content for their websites, business and social media platforms. Services include website design, graphic designs, branding, digital marketing, newsletters, social media and much more. Visual and personal communications are the key to any successful business and they know just how important they are.

They create editorial content weekly, including interviews with influential bloggers, models, actors, make-up artists, dancers, stylists, designers and far more. They continue to network, expand and grow, with clients and partners across the globe.

As well as editorial content and digital services; they also have a blog which includes articles about all different matters. Beauty, fashion, music, art and travel. We share a variety of content including videos, images and more, some of which feature some of clients and partners. The company expand every single day, and there is always once motive, to get the talent of others noticed and publicised. There are so many talented individuals out there, but it takes a company like them to help people get discovered.

The Man Behind The Mask- Joel Oeiras

Joel is an entrepreneur and founder of the company MrJoel. He started his business in June of 2016 and is expanding every day with new clients and business opportunities. As every businessman does, Joel started his company with a single passion. And that passion was to show the world creative talent through his website and blog. Many people have a talent, but it takes a lot for that talent to get recognised and shown to the world. This is the motive that began his business.

mr joel

Every individual had a talent in one way of another, and Joel’s aim was to get those with a talent well deservedly noticed. Joel works almost 12-15 hour days, and however tiring and bust they can be; he cannot complain as he is invested in something he is passionate about, and once you are passionate about something it can never be seen as a chore. Once you see your business doing well, not only do you feel successful but you feel proud of what you have achieved.

We asked Joel about his success and this is how he responded!

“To me success happens everyday. I always say that milestones are little pieces of success. And believe me, success doesn’t happen overnight. Since opening my business everyday is a milestone, and at night when I’m reflecting on my day I think of all the things I’ve accomplished for that day”!

Successis not something you can achieve over night, and a business cannot be created without passion, patience and the right tools. Joel knew what he wanted and how to achieve it, and dear readers, that is something we can all lean from.

When did you create MR JOEL?

MR JOEL was launched on the 6 June 2016. Why the 6th of June? Well besides the fact I called my business MR JOEL is also my birthday so I thought it was the perfect day to put it out there.

What was your motive behind starting up the business?

I’ve always wanted to have my own business but when you find yourself with a comfortable job it can be quite hard to burst that bubble and face the risk. However, what happened is that I left my job, was going through a lot of anxiety and wasn’t sure what to do with my life. I had two simple options. The first was to get out there and look for another job and the second was to face my fear of doing it by myself and give it a try. It was a risk that definitely paid off.

Each day it passes by I think to myself “why didn’t I do it earlier” but I do think that sometimes you need to experience different paths to then find your own and find exactly what you have been looking for.

Then you are faced with the 5 big W’s.

  • What – What type of business do I want to create?
  • Who – Who will be a part of it and how can I grow it?
  • Where – Where is this business going to take place?
  • When – When do I plan to launch it?
  • Why – Most importantly why is it necessary?

The answer to all those questions was very simple to me. I wanted to create something that had my passion, my skills and at the same time involve talented people and give them a platform where they can shine, and as such MR JOEL was born. A creative digital media agency with an editorial side to the digital world.

What are some of the challenges you have faced?

Wow that is such a hard question. There were so many challenges involved. The biggest one is to manage everything, to make sure it all works and connects while making sure all of your clients are taken care of. My clients are my priority over anything else. If they are happy then I am happy. Time is definitely a challenge. I wish there was more hours in a day. I like to be ahead of deadlines so time is precious and I take and use it the best way I can.


If you could go back what is one thing you would do differently?

Nothing. I do believe that we have to go through ups and downs, and most importantly learn from our mistakes in order to achieve the ultimate goal that is yet to come.

How long did it take to build up the company? 

I setup my company and website in just over a month but the work never stops. It is still ongoing. I don’t think there will ever be a stopping point. I always say that “milestones are little pieces of success.”Everyday I reach a specific milestone and I know that are many many more I have yet to complete.

When you created the company did you ever imagine it being as big as it is now?

Right answer it would be “NO”, however I do believe in the power of mind and creative visualisation and as such I have always visualized (and still do) our end goal as a business.

Did you have any help when it came to starting up your own business?

Help comes in many different forms. Right from the beginning it was a one man show however the support from friends & family I got has been more than I could ever think of and for me that was all the help I needed.

What advice can you give to entrepreneurs who are hoping to start up a business?

  1. “Don’t leave for tomorrow what can be done today” – Work as hard as you can everyday. Even in those days that you don’t see the end of the tunnel, believe me, YOU WILL GET THERE!
  2. “If you work 100 hour weeks you will achieve in 4 months what it would take your competition 1 year to achieve” – Still related to advice number 1 and since I have heard this quote I relate more and more to it. If I wouldn’t have worked as many hours as I did so far I would probably still be designing my website.
  3. Listen, reflect, change – Trust those around you that not only tell you the good, but also tell you the bad. Learn from those who knows best and then adjust that to your business needs and your vision. People who are narrow minded never leave the same cycle.
  4. People don’t care as much about your business as you think they do.
  5. No idea is too small or too big. If you have a great idea, or a great talent you should never think “it’s been done, so there’s no point” – No one else can add the value and creativity to something like YOU CAN. So even something has been done you can do it 10 times better or different.