Are you ready to restore your digestive health? Zoganic vitamins are 100% organic!

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Zoganic vitamin mix are 100% organic

Are you ready to restore your digestive health? Zoganic vitamin mix are 100% organic, healthy and beautifully tasting drinks created after years of dedicated research in order to provide you with the best solution for your unique needs.
Feel a whole new level of energizing, boosting and refreshing effect while enjoying a 100% non-gmo, gluten free Supplement drink solution that will get you the results you are after!

Don’t hesitate – start living a healthier, more vibrant and fulfilling life with Zoganic today.

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Zoganic is on a mission to bring you great taste, health, and quality. It all started a few years ago. Our founder, Zev had a 3-year-old daughter at the time, who had to be hospitalized for 3 days due to severe stomach ache.

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As a 3-year-old, the little girl couldn’t bare to swallow pills. As a father faced with a tough decision, he relentlessly searched for a solution day and night. His goal was to restore her life, energy and reverse all of her nutritional imbalances as fast as possible. After much research, our founder discovered a way to heal her.

That scary experience put him into action, and that’s how the idea of Zoganic was born! Zev created a genuine, simple and natural way to heal people suffering from all types of discomfort, nutrient deficiencies and improperly balanced diets.

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Too many tablets can certainly be overwhelming. So, when formulating the product, Zev created the concept of combining multiple vitamin ingredients into one single power. Using organic herbs and only the juice of real fruits, he was able to bring forth a deliciously drinkable beverage product to the market that would be powerful, delicious, and with HUGE benefits, unlike most over the counter medicines. And he made it! This unique 100% organic fruitZip formula is light and refreshing, covers all of your daily vitamins and minerals needed plus is safe for kids and adults alike.


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Our delicious products will benefit your health without lingering side effects.
We are proud of our whole food based formulas, which are certified vegan friendly and gluten free with no sugar or artificial ingredients, EVER! So you can live and enjoy life, how it was meant to be.

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