Interview with Pierre Lawson aka Novaman founder of Wallstreet Jackboyz

Interview with Pierre Lawson aka Novaman founder of Wallstreet Jackboyz

Pierre Lawson

Pierre Lawson

Pierre Lawson aka Novaman was was raised in projects of North Carolina. Violence, drug dealing, and gang banging was normal everyday life but it did not consume Pierre. He ventured into the music industry as a rapper, songwriter, producer, engineer, & CEO. For the love of his daughter he turned in his music career & business while in a custody battle in which he became victorious.

His family moved to New York where he turned his genius into the financial sector learning insurance, real estate, and then stock investing. While learning long term stock investing, he was introduced to Stock Options and it presented a challenge that he just had to conquer. After attending several webinars and paid courses he found himself totally confused. It wasn’t until he found the right teacher that showed him how to apply his Options knowledge in real life that it started to stick. Pierre further goes into reinforcing the Options education with relate-able scenarios from his past experience in the street life and that is when the light bulb went off. It connected and it made perfect sense. He then began teaching close friends and family about options with this down-to-earth style and it made perfect sense to them as well.

Pierre decided to take it to the next level by teaching people from the struggle how to earn passive income with this sophisticated investment vehicle called Options and that was the birth of the Wallstreet Jackboyz.

Wall Street Jackboyz


Tell me about you and how did you get your start?

– I left the music industry to become an insurance professional. On my journey I studied real estate and I stumbled across stock investing from my tax lien instructors as an avenue to invest their profits. So I decided that If I want to be a millionaire that I must do what the millionaires do and I began studying fundamental stock investing. I bought my first company TCX Tucows and sold it a year later for over 80% ROI.

Tell us about Wall Street Jackboyz?

– I started Wallstreet Jackboyz late Dec 2016 after discovering my niche in the market place as a Down-to-Earth educator on Stock Options. We launched our courses and website April 2017 after building a small following of dedicated students that are now sophisticated technical swing traders. We have a Facebook Community of over 300 members and growing with a wide range of experience amongst our members.

There is a lot of info out there around stocks what makes you unique?

– Well, Stock Options is the most complex investment vehicle so I wanted to make it simple for the least sophisticated investor to master the concepts. I targeted the market that no other gurus would dare try to educate, The Urban Communities. I figured that if I can teach the urban community then I can teach anybody how to be successful traders and my methods have proven to be true. My classes are far from dry. In fact you would think you were watching a Martin Scorsese movie by the way that I describe the markets. My street approach give the learner great visuals to discern the complex knowledge and also makes it super entertaining. That’s what make me different from the rest.

If I am considering getting into trading what is important for me to know?

– You must first understand how the markets work and then learn how to trade. My classes take you through both of these stages in less than thirty days plus more advance techniques and strategies that the experienced traders crave for.

How can we learn more and reach out to you?

– Make sure you subscribe to our site and then join our private Facebook Community at where I am active daily.
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