Roll With It – An Introductory Seminar With Price Hall, May 26th (Houston)

Roll With It – An Introductory Seminar With Price Hall, May 26th (Houston)

Price Hall Houston

Win-Win Interactionsfor your Business and your Life

“The Key to Success in Business and in Life is Being Present. When you Focus Your Attention Outside of Your SELF, You are Present, In The Moment… You are ROLLING WITH IT.”

It’s simpler than you think!

  • Want a clear path to increasing sales up to 35%…immediately?
  • Want off the chart amazing personal and business relationships?
  • Want to remove stress when addressing audiences, large and small?
  • Want your words to have the power of generating action…every time?
  • Want powerful and positive daily interactions with people in your life?

Want Coaching and Training that is logical, clear, simple and specific,
and provides you with all of the above… and MORE?

Join us for a fun, engaging & revelatory Seminar on the Difference
ROLLING WITH IT can make in your life.

“One hour with Price might be the key to transforming my success as
a speaker and in my relationships. Bam! Brilliant insight to having
greater impact on audiences.”
SANDY ASCH, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author

Price’s coaching, training & speaking are drawn from a number of methods experienced and learned over 30-plus years as an actor / acting teacher / coach and director, all of which he has synthesized into a clear, specific, logical approach to Coaching, with one purpose in mind—to have people be more SUCCESSFUL by BEING PRESENT.

Date / Time: Thursday, May 26th / 6:00 PM ‐ 7:30 PM
Location: 1901W. 14th Street, The Heights, Houston, TX
Cost: $15

Registration / Info: / 713‐201‐1245 /