Squatty Potty – The Stool For Better Stool. The Best Poop Of Your Life!

Squatty Potty – The Stool For Better Stool. The Best Poop Of Your Life!

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Pooping is a natural way of the body to eliminate waste. Some bowel elimination positions are healthier than others.

For a long time, people have been squatting for a fast and easy elimination of body waste. There is a set of muscles along the colon and the anus that keeps body waste stored until it is eliminated.

The Best Poop Of Your Life

Squatting position, as opposed to sitting on a hard toilet sit, helps you to fully eliminate your bowels. The sitting position makes the knees to be at 90 angles to the abdomen.

Humans are designed to squat

Humans are designed to squat

This prevents complete bowel elimination. Squatting on the other hand, straightens your rectum and allows for complete elimination of the bowel.

The Science Is Simple


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Squatty Potty is a uniquely designed toilet stool that allows the force of gravity to do most of the work when muscles relax. Squatty Potty facilitates complete bowel elimination to get rid of constipation, pelvic issues and hemorrhoids.

Squat poop

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Squatty Potty toilet stool provides a stable and safe platform that helps to elevate the legs and the feet to mimic a natural squat posture for better bowel elimination.

How Toilet Posture Affects Your Health

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