One of the biggest challenge is a client’s hesitation to let go off their old style!
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One of the biggest challenge is a client’s hesitation to let go off their old style!

Stylegy By Nidhi - Interview

Stylegy By Nidhi – Interview

“STYLEGY was borne out of my passion for enabling you to feel really great about yourself”. / Nidhi

Tell us bit about Stylegy By Nidhi, what exactly do you offer?

Stylegy By Nidhi is a personal styling consultancy for both men and women who are too busy to develop a personal style for them-selves but none-the-less know the value of a well dressed image and it’s advantages.

We offer mainly 2 styling services.  My Outfit Template service will help your discover three outfit combinations based upon your unique body-shape, personal coloring and fashion personality. You can also opt a personal shopping session along with this service.

Wardrobe Re-boot and Capsule service will breathe a new life into your old wardrobe. Our stylist will assess and edit a maximum of 30 items from your wardrobe. The chosen items will be combined with new suggested pieces to create a capsule of clothing which can be mixed and matched to create flattering outfits.

Our third service is Ask The Stylist and is a free treat from us. You can ask any styling related query and get a reply from one of our stylists.

What are the biggest mis-conception people not working in your field have about your job?

Well first of all you have to explain to people what a personal stylist is and how one is different from a fashion designer. Another mis-conception that people have is about the need for a personal stylist, but thankfully this is changing now and people realize the value add that a personal stylist can bring for their personal image.

What challenges do you have as a stylist?

No job is easy and and working as a stylist also has it’s own set of challenges. One of the biggest challenge is a client’s hesitation to let go off their old style. Change is always a bit difficult but a good stylist can firmly & gently guide their client towards a new and improved image.

Why should everyone consider hiring a personal stylist?

Looking good is easy but looking great needs some help. Hiring a stylist is a more cost, time & energy efficient way of crafting a unique personal image for oneself. Your clothing is the suit of armor in which you battle the world. When you choose the right style of clothing it makes you feel good. When you feel good you give more than 100% of yourself in whatever task you do. The aim of any good personal stylist is to make you feel good about your personal style.

How do you stay updated on the current trends?

I do not believe in chasing fashion trends. You should very carefully pick and choose trends that are suitable for you. Don’t follow trends that don’t fit in with your personal style. Personal shopping trips with my clients keep me updated on what’s in the stores and how suitable it is for various body-types.

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