Surprising Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil
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Surprising Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine Essential Oil

Poets over the ages have sung in praise of this innocent flower, however, not many know that this romantic flower is also a very good anti septic agent, pain reliever, has respiratory benefits, menstrual help and more.

When Jasmine oil is applied externally, it prevents wounds from being septic and also from harmful infections.

Respiratory Health Benefits of Jasmine Oil

  • Helps with asthma
  • Helps with coughs and various respiratory diseases
  • Clears excessive phlegm in nasal tracts(colds and flu)

The expectorant property of jasmine essential oil clears the accumulation of excessive phlegm in your nasal tracts thereby providing you with comfy sleep even when you are down with cold and flu.

Jasmine Oil and Menses

  • Helps regulate periods
  • Decreases pain and cramps during menstrual cycle
  • Decreases nausea during periods

Postpones menopause

If you are a person with irregular menstrual cycles and if you experience pain and nausea during periods, it would be a good idea to try out jasmine oil. The emmenagogue property of jasmine essential oil will not only relieve you from pains and cramps, but also push back menopause.

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Benefits of Jasmine Oil Blends

A blend of jasmine oil along with other essential aromatherapy oils like bergamot oil, citrus oils and rose oil can do wonders:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Relieving muscular pain
  • Stress relief

It should be noted that every essential oil has its own demerits and side effects. Jasmine oil can be dangerous for those who are allergic to the aroma of the flower. It is extremely necessary to identify this and consult a physician before using one. According to Oiling Point, you shouldn’t force for anything that you don’t like. So, read about advantages as well as side effects before using it.

Jasmine Oil and Pregnancy

It is also used as a stress reliever. Jasmine essential oil assists in child birth by providing pain relief during extreme pain and increasing contractions. It is often used after birth for increasing the flow of breast milk. If you are worried about a stretch mark or a scar, giving jasmine essential oil a try would be a good option. The particular composition of jasmine oil will cure you of your worries.

How is Jasmine Oil Used?

Jasmine oil has features that not many know of. It is used for muscular pains and strains. It is often used as vaporizers.

Jasmine oil because of its soothing effect is often used as home and car fresheners. It is not very pungent and hence applied on both oily and dry skin. Apart from this, it has been scientifically proven that jasmine oil can help improve male reproductive capacity.

What Kind of Flower is Jasmine?

Jasmine is a small white flower with a reigning smell belonging to the oleaceae family and has its Ayurvedic name Jati.

The aroma of this beautiful flower is most intense at night when it is at its bloom. The flower is typically seen in the Middle Eastern region particularly in the Indian subcontinent. The flower is known for its romantic and mystic nature and quality.

The extraction of jasmine oil is considered very complex when compared to other essential oils. However, the health benefits of jasmine oil far exceed its complicated extraction process. It is mostly used in perfumes to give a soothing and calm feeling to your nerves and systems.