The Best Exercise for Fit Ass
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The Best Exercise for Fit Ass

Maybe not once you have asked…
What is the best exercise for the buttocks?
It’s about that ass … which grabs the attention of both men and women!


If you are advanced in the gym, it certainly performed at least once a squat exercise.
And you may have heard many stories – “No Squat, No Brazilian Ass”.
And you may have already given up on him, you believed the most “practicing” in the gym, it with squatting and butt is just a myth! Yes, I did!

sexy ass

When we talk about squatting note that it must be really hard in every repetition.
As for the last 4 reps, you should use extra help from a training partner.


Concerning the series – with less than 6 working sessions in the training day – will not happen.
Train squat with a wide reach and a heavy barbell on your shoulders to 2 times a week!

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