Victorem Deadlift Wedges (Set of 2) – Load & Unload Weights Effortlessly!
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Victorem Deadlift Wedges (Set of 2) – Load & Unload Weights Effortlessly!

Victorem Deadlift Wedges

Victorem Deadlift Wedges

Maximize your gym time and workout potential by reducing the need for bulky deadlift jacks thanks to the new deadlift wedge.

Any professional deadlifter or powerlifter knows that the only part of lifting that is annoying is the time it takes to put your plates on the bar. And when you use deadlift jacks, you can struggle with knocking them over, getting weights caught up, having to balance the bar, and about a thousand other issues. That’s why you need the revolutionary new Victorem Deadlift Wedge designed specifically for maximizing your full weightlifting potential.

Durable, Versatile and Easy to Use

Far easier to use that high blocks, you simply need to roll plates up the ramp into the built-in groove without having to pick them up and balance them precariously as you put them into place.

Yes. Deadlift Time

Yes! For Deadlift!

When you’re done, simply roll them back off; it’s that easy. Compatible with a large variety of exercises, lifts, plates styles and sizes, and barbells, you’ll love how much easier and safer it makes transitioning between weights, workouts and trips to the gym. Lightweight and compact, you’ll never leave home without them because they fit right inside your gym bag without taking up much space.

This new product is simply just two wedges that assist an athlete before/after a lift when they need to load or unload heavy barbell plates.
When I was a collegiate athlete, I missed some time during my junior season because I injured my lower back trying to lift the barbell and weights onto the rack after doing a set of Power Cleans. This product eliminates the step of hassling with heavy weights as you simply roll the inner weight plates onto the wedge, which lifts the outside weights a few inches so that you can load/unload them without the hassle. / Tehan

Product Details:

  • BETTER LOADING & UNLOADING – Smaller than mini deadlift jacks, these deadlift wedges offer more functional plate loading and unloading speed making them the perfect lifting partner for your home gym or CrossFit training.
  • COMPACT, HEAVY DUTY DESIGN – Unlike large deadlift jacks that can be cumbersome or aren’t travel friendly, these cast iron, rubber-lined wedges can fit in your gym bag to make workouts and WODs more efficient.
  • EXERCISE VERSATILITY – More versatile than your typical barbell jack, it can be used for deficit, block and trap bar deadlifts, and so much more. And the ideal width means it never gets hung up underneath plates during transitions.
  • IMPROVED SAFETY – There’s no need to balance your barbell while changing plates thanks to the Victorem Deadlift Wedge. It keeps plates from rolling to ensure weights can be changed even when placed on higher blocks.
  • MASSIVE WEIGHT CAPACITY – Not only does it provide quick-change versatility, it works with all kinds of plate styles, including Olympic, bumper, hexagon and more. Roll, load, lift and see intense gains; it’s that easy!