Weird Ape Review! Be punctual in everything at any time with “Kolt” !!!

weird ape review

Kolt – All Black / Metal Black Skeleton Watch,

The time, it can`t be turned back. The time is ticking, the world and our lives are changing each and every minute. Time is money and every real professional knows that! And to keep up with the time, to not be late even with a second, because it can be a decisive factor that can totally change this so-called destiny, which we are personally building! Weird ape review.

Weird ape review!

We need a precise and elegant watch clinging beautifully and confidently on our hand, precise not to the second, but to the hundredth of it. A watch with which to “shoot” right into the target and right on time! Dear friends and readers of my blog, I present to you – “KOLT” – one of the world`s greatest watches.

Kolt is a high quality mechanical watch with British design

This is one of the hottest watches of the “Weird Ape” company, whose batch was sold super fast! And right now the quantities are out of stock! This watch will be in stock in August 2017, as the company has shared with me. Weird ape review!


Kolt – All Black / Metal Black Skeleton Watch

Kolt – characteristics

What grabbed me at first was the first note that inspires confidence. You may say that this is a matter of feeling and I will agree with you. But I share my feeling. I always try to do what I really want and what I dream about. But in order for our dreams to come true we need harsh discipline, and the discipline also includes accurate time.

Kolt weird ape review

Kolt – All Black / Metal Black Skeleton Watch

At this time, I have to do that, at that time that – fitness, business meetings, loved ones. You need to be right on time. You can miss the subway if you are late with only 1 second, and that might be the one critical second that was about to change your life in a better direction!

“Kolt” is a high quality high class mechanical watch that has been developed for 12 months. It has a British design and is available only in black colour. Its features include also…

Kinetic system

“Kolt” has a build-in kinetic winding system powered by the body movements.

Kolt clock

Kolt – All Black / Metal Black Skeleton Watch

High grade production

The “Kolt” developers have spent 12 months to design it in collaboration with watch expert from around the world.

Sapphire glass

The glass of this watch is of extreme hardness that can be compared to the hardness of a diamond and it is extremely difficult to be scratched.

механичен часовник добър

Kolt – All Black / Metal Black Skeleton Watch

Body of Stainless steel 316L

“Kolt” is made of special stainless steel which strength makes it eternal!

Ionic coating

Do not worry about Kolt`s paint because the specialists have included 3-micron ion coating.


“Kolt” is a waterproof watch. It is tested at a pressure of up to 3 atmospheres.


“Kolt” comes with a 24-month warranty, although according to the company experts this watch is for a lifetime!

Handmade leather case

The watch comes in a beautiful leather case that is handmade and fits in perfectly in the picture of the today`s real man!

Weird Ape

I really like this watch!
Excellent performance that fits my sport and business taste!
A performance that grabs with confidence! / Martin Gergov

Detailed information about “Kolt” can be found on the company`s official website at the following link:

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