Welcome to India! Interview with Shubham Kumar(Indian rapper)!

Shubham Kumar - Indian rapper

Shubham Kumar

Shubham Kumar – 15 years old boy grew up in India and currently studying there itself. His interests range from photography to technology. He is also interested in designing, image editing, music, writing and singing especially RAPs.

He is Public Figure Got many Awards and Prizes in School co-Curricular activities and Participated in different competitions like Quizzes at School/City Levels.
After school Shubham is planning to attend Animation Course.
He also had written some poetry and stories which he wants to publish. He also had written some Hindi RAPs which he wants to release. He also got articles also got published in one magazine called Primary Plus and his poem also got published in his school’s magazine.

Q. When you started out rapping, were you trying to do it just for the fame?

Ans. I started Rapping when I was in class 8th, at that time one RAP was famous in India of the song Thalaiva of the movie Chennai Express by YO! YO! Honey Singh and my friend was singing that when we were sitting in Library. I had heard that song but not remembered that by heart but he was singing than I thought, “when he can do why can’t I ?” From That time I started Rapping. I was not doing that for fame but I was doing because I want self satisfaction.

Q. Who are some of your influences?

Ans. I got a lot of influences. I got relevant influences today. I’m very much influenced by Indian Rappers like, YO! YO! Honey Singh because First Rap which I had heard was of him only and First Rap which I learn was of him only and the song name was “Blue Eyes” He is an Indian Rapper, Music producer, Singer and Film Actor. All his songs were super-duper hit in Bollywood.

Badshah because all his songs were super-duper hit too. His song, “DJ Waley Babu” was ranked number three within 24 hours of the release on the platform. The song also crossed a million views on YouTube within 30 hours.

Raftaar because as his name his Raps were fast like Eminem songs but in Hindi as he is also Indian. The first fast Rap which I learned by heart was of him and it’s name was “Swag mera desi” after learning that I became famous among my peers/classmates and students of higher classes too.

Last but not the least English Rapper Eminem because I had heard that His song “Rap God” probably is the fastest Rap Song of the world. My peers/Classmates were thinking that I can’t learn Eminem RAPs but I prove them wrong, I learned that too by heart.

Q. Is writing RAP hard ?

Ans. From my own perspective it’s not just pen down all you have got but writing a RAP is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Q. Any challenges on releasing your 1st single ?

Ans. Of course, you have to give your audience what they want. And as I am not famous yet I haven’t got any music label also So my song is not releasing on any Music Company’s site or their YouTube Channel but instead of that I am releasing on my own YouTube Channel i.e., SVN Shubham Visual Network.

Q. As you are starting out your career in the music industry what steps do you plan on taking to reach your goal?

Ans. Well I have the first single. And I want to release some single first before releasing any album. I want people to get to know me.

Q. Any last words to your upcoming fans?

Ans. My last words to my Upcoming fans are nothing more than a Very Big Thanks.


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