Super Models: Should They Set the Standard for Beauty?

fashionAll over the world, models are walking the runways and catwalks, and the majority of these models are waif-like, super-skinny creatures who look like they are half dead. And these are the women who young girls are dying, sometimes literally, to look like.

Why has this suddenly become the standard for beauty, when just a few decades ago, a woman who was a size 14 was considered to be beautiful?
Now, a size 14 is considered fat, when actually, it is the average size of most North American women, and in fact, most women in the world.

The Modeling Industry is Changing

Although there are still hundreds of waif-like models on runways all over the world, the modeling industry has been taking steps in the past few years to combat eating disorders and the pressure to be super-skinny. In fact, for many modeling shows, if models are under a certain weight, they will not be allowed on the runway. This first went into effect in 2006, when super-skinny models were banned from the Madrid fashion week runway shows. Of course, this put many models and their agencies into an uproar. But even this industry that is so focused on outer beauty is beginning to see the negative effects that the skinny models have on society, especially young people who are striving to look like the super models, because they see this as the standard for beauty.

Plus Size Modeling is Getting Bigger All the Time

Finally, the fashion industry is beginning to see that most women will never fit into any of the fashions that are seen on the catwalk, and are starting to design fashions that the average woman can be comfortable and look great in. For this reason, we are now starting to see more and more plus sized models on the runways, which is a real breath of fresh air. This is becoming so in demand that many plus sized models are bringing in the big bucks, just like their skinny co-workers. This is a great thing for young people to see.

When it comes to youths and young adults, they are at a crucial time with their self-esteem, and the last thing they need is to be bombarded by a standard that is just not realistic. The fashion industry is slowly working toward changing the way we see beauty, but it is going to be a long time before the skinny models are a thing of the past.
So, help your kids make educated choices about their diets and lifestyles, and help them to grow into healthy, happy adults.
By Daniel Morris of the P90x Equipment Site, check out the Insanity Workout here.

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