Building Muscle Mass with Whey Protein

Whey protein is a protein that is produced during the process of cheese making. It is known to be the highest source of protein above eggs. This is because of its biological value (BV), which is the rate and efficiency on how fast the protein content is digested, absorbed, and utilized by the body. Eggs have a BV of 100, while as whey protein can reach to as much as 170. Another reason why whey is perfect for body building is because of its high content of amino acids, particularly branch chain amino acids. These compounds are necessary for building and repairing cells. Unfortunately, your body is not capable of producing these amino acids, making it necessary for you to obtain them from different sources. Whey protein supplements can deliver these amino acids, making it one of your best options as a muscle-building supplement.

There are two forms of whey protein

There are two forms of whey protein to choose from: isolates and concentrates. Isolates give you the best amount of protein per serving, and usually consumed during the morning to replenish low protein levels that is a result of “fasting” due to sleep. Concentrates are a mix of isolates and other types of protein for muscle building.

They are best for those who are on a tight budget, and do not have an excessive need for protein. For better results, they are taken once before working out, and again when you are done. It is known that muscle building is better if you give your body a healthy dose of protein and carbs after exercising to help your body recover from the stress of working out. You might think that to get the best of your whey protein is to overload your system with it in every chance that you can get. Your body is equipped with a natural filtering system the removes excessive amounts of protein from your diet.

This means that your liver and your kidneys will have to work overtime to remove that excess amount of protein out of your system. Although the effects will not be immediate, over-working will eventually result to damaged organs. This will result to a lot of health problems just when you are at the age when you need an efficient cleaning system for your body. Choose your whey protein product wisely, and only use them according to the specifications of your fitness instructor or nutritionist.

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